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Boza is a centralized platform designed to help modern Finance and IT teams manage, optimize, and renew their SaaS applications, saving them money and streamlining their processes.

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Boza is built for you

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Enable control & gain visibility

Gain a complete visibility over your SaaS portfolio, thanks to a full mapping of your SaaS applications and their usages.

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Save up to 20% on your expenses

Stay in control of your SaaS expenses and optimize your IT budget with ease.

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Streamline your workflows

Simplify end-to-end processes and eliminate tedious tasks for IT and finance teams.

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Gain a complete visibility over your SaaS portfolio

  • Uncover all your tools and applications, including those in Shadow IT
  • Get a comprehensive mapping of tools used within your organization, sorted by team, function, and category
  • Gain a full understanding of applications' actual usage
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Track and analyze your SaaS expenses

  • Track the costs evolution over the year (by tool, by category, by team...)
  • Gain in-depth insights to optimize and rationalize your application expenses with market comparisons
  • Analyze the correlation between application spending and usage

Proactively manage your SaaS contrats and renewals

  • Never miss a renewal date again. Receive reminders and plan ahead with anticipation
  • Stay informed of any paid tools that are not being used by teams
  • Stay informed of your contractual obligations with clarity
  • Collect and store your application contracts in a single directory
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Automate employee's on/offboardings

  • Create as many workflows as necessary (on/offboardings, new tool validation...)
  • Customize your onboarding process to match the specific needs of each employee's team and position
  • Stay organized and on track with a simple, user-friendly SaaS task list

Eliminate unnecessary SaaS expenses

Save up to 20% of your SaaS spend.

  • Remove duplicate applications
  • Identify underutilized and unused applications
  • Consolidate applications with redundant features and functions
  • Leverage usage insights to renew your licenses
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Streamline your procurement process & get better deals

Boza empowers you with benchmark data and strategic support to make procurement easy and save you up to 40% on some SaaS contracts. Get direct access to our team of procurement experts who can manage your renewal negotiations, so that you can to focus on your strategic initiatives.

  • Manage your SaaS procurement process in one central place.
  • Eliminate redundant and underutilized applications to significantly reduce your SaaS spending.
  • Leverage our SaaS usage reports during your renewal negotiations.
  • Get an overview of all the SaaS vendors from a single dashboard and track all your SaaS contracts at a single place.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to set up and start using Boza?

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The setup is very fast. Within an hour, you can set up Boza and start using it. 
You just have to connect Boza with your SSO tool (Single Sing-On) or your IDM tool (ID Management), such as Google Workspace, MS Azure Active Directory or Okta.

Is my data secure when using Boza?

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Boza takes the security and privacy of your data seriously. We use industry-standard encryption protocols and employ strict security measures to protect your data.

How does Boza help me with security?

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Boza helps you with security by providing insights into which applications are being used, who is using them, and how they are being used. This helps identify potential risks and vulnerabilities, which can then be addressed before they become a problem.

We are only 30 employees, are we too small to use Boza?

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Even with 30 employees, managing SaaS applications can be a challenge, and costs can be huge.
By using Boza, you can structure your portfolio, optimize costs, and control the explosion of SaaS applications that often comes with company growth.
Boza will help you set your company up for success as you grow.

We have Okta or MS Active Directory to manage our on/offboarding, how Boza could help us?

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While Okta or MS AD are excellent tools for managing identity and access to applications, they do not provide insights into how applications are being used, who is using them, and at what cost.
Boza can help you gain these insights by providing a centralized view of all SaaS applications used within your organization, including usage metrics, subscription costs, and license utilization. This can help you identify underutilized applications, optimize licensing, and reduce costs.

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